What we do

Since 2015, GRAAL (Global Requisition and Associated Logistics) has been a specialist provider of field proven, fit for purpose, reliable solutions and products. Graal assists with end-to-end procurement processes including planning, sourcing, compliance, logistics and delivery. 


We have sourced many mission and operation-critical goods for companies across the verticals of logistics, governments, international NGOs and United Nations agencies.

Equipment includes:

• Personal Protective Equipment

• Personal safety and survival equipment

• Communication and electronics, including ECM (Electronic Counter Measure Systems)

• Medical equipment

• Tactical accessories

• Vision equipment

• Uniforms


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Supporting clients throughout the entire procurement process, including delivery and at times, installation.

• Advice

   Throughout the planning, procurement, export compliance and shipping stages

• Sourcing

   A range of sourcing options according to requirements

• Project Management

   Full project management throughout the procurement and logistics stages

• Logistics support

   Complete logistics support and export/import support, including export control in accordance to relevant laws

   (E.g. US ITAR, UK ECO)

• Engineering support

   Engineering, installation and maintenance assistance for communications or electronic systems

Brands & Partnerships